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Our powerful and flexible hosting solutions are designed specifically for WordPress.
Please consult with our sales team to request details specific to your needs.

Higher Education

Institutions of Higher Education leverage WordPress for digital learning and recruitment campus-wide. We support dozens of colleges and Universities with mission-critical hosting solutions.

Media Publishers

Hosted WordPress with high scale configurations for the largest media demands. We host sites for digital asset management, podcasting, and News & Opinion publications for some the worlds largest media companies.

Financial / E-Commerce HOSTING

Whether serving e-commerce or the fin-tech industry the Pagely AWS backed hosting platform assists financial clients with regulatory compliant, secure, and performance-driven options.


HA is typically chosen when maximum concurrent performance or disaster recovery objectives are vital. Pagely can provision HA pairs or geo-location multi-node clusters for maximum uptime and disaster recovery.


We understand how WordPress works in the real world, and oftentimes that means you wish to proxy traffic from your main corporate domain to a /blog WordPress site for marketing or sales. This is the solution.


Our proprietary PressARMOR security framework is a suite of best practice and software solutions to defend and mitigate risk to our network and our clients. Backdoors, Malware, and Defacements are a part of today's web, at Pagely they are no longer your concern.

Digital Agencies

Our best client relationships tend to occur when working with a strong Pagely agency partner. Our existing partners know our methods and our stack and are able to reduce your time to launch.

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BMC needed a solution that could accommodate more sophisticated requirements than their previous provider, WPengine. They were producing great content that was driving traffic to their site but wanted to maximize their blog's SEO by using a reverse proxy.

The Challenges

BMC’s blog has been on WordPress since the beginning and BMC used WPEngine to host it for a number of years. When they decided to ramp up their content strategy, they found their blog needed to be run as a reverse proxy in order to ensure it would get the full weight of their primary domain’s SEO. Unfortunately, WPengine didn’t support that capability.

Not having the ability to run the blog in a subfolder was a problem, but not being able to set up a reverse proxy was an even bigger issue once they acquired the Truesight Pulse URL. n order to easily migrate it to BMC.com, while combining both pages’ SEO, they needed to be able to house it in a subfolder instead of as a subdomain.


We migrated our blog and a couple of our other WordPress-based pages over to Pagely on a trial basis, but it quickly became clear that they had all of the capabilities we needed, as well as friendly staff who are extremely responsive on support tickets. As long as we have WordPress sites, we'll be using Pagely.

Stephen Watts

The Solution

BMC  spent some time looking for a hosting provider that could meet their unique technical requirements and Pagely stood out with the willingness to help them setup a reverse proxy. BMC was able to migrate their blog and a couple of other WordPress-based pages over to Pagely on a trial basis, but it quickly became clear that they had all of the capabilities BMC  needed, as well as friendly staff who were committed to being responsive on support tickets.

After moving the  blog and setting it up in a subfolder, BMC  saw the traffic to our content double overnight as a result of the added SEO. Equally important, their uptime on Pagely has been “about five ‘nines’ – it’s a really stable WordPress environment. As long as we have WordPress sites, we’ll be using Pagely.”

Amazon Web Services provides unique tooling and unparalleled performance and scalability that we know our customers deserve. We partner with AWS because we serve only the highest quality products to our customers.



NGINX, Inc. is the company behind the popular open source project trusted by more than 400 million sites, offering a suite of technologies for developing and delivering modern applications. After years of hosting their own website, the NGINX marketing team wanted to partner with a managed WordPress host. Pagely's support, expertise, and server visibility helped consolidate their web presence, moving performance concerns out of the way so they could focus on promoting their suite of products.

The Challenges

The NGINX website aims to inform and educate customers who want to learn more about how they can best use the company’s suite of products to improve the performance and reliability of their websites and applications, while delivering a fast, easy to access, consistent, and clean user experience. The NGINX website is an important marketing channel that receives over 1.5M monthly page views, so it is critical that the website has high performance and reliability while scaling to meet the needs of the various functions of the company. The site runs on WordPress, but the team didn’t have a dedicated engineer on hand to monitor and manage the infrastructure side of things. In addition, the marketing team didn’t want to be preoccupied with the performance of the site.

Their hosting wishlist included 24/7 support ideally with an expertise in WordPress, HTTP/2, integration with a CDN, PHP7 support, access support in at least two geographically different zones, real-time security protections, and, of course, the tech stack had to use NGINX and/or products built with NGINX. NGINX was also looking for a partner with deep NGINX expertise as they wanted to showcase their technology as part of the website stack.

They wanted server access to logs so they could “see what’s going on” and create custom configurations. They didn’t want a standard “black box” approach. Pagely ticked all these boxes.


Knowing that the Pagely team is there for us 24/7 has been invaluable, not to mention the reliability and visibility they provide. These have been extremely important factors in helping us meet our marketing needs for NGINX.com.

Alice Oh

The Solution

Once NGINX migrated over to Pagely, they immediately saw the benefit of the Pagely technical stack, including a proprietary CDN: PressCDN, powered by MaxCDN/AWS. Through a seamless migration, Pagely was able to own the process and quickly consolidate the work of four vendors into one hosted solution.

Pagely took the time to discuss what higher-level strategies NGINX wanted to implement with their website, and how it was set up. They provided the flexibility NGINX required with server configurations, high availability, and geocache nodes to ensure a great user experience for visitors to the website.

Pagely provided guidance on how to approach the site specific to what made sense for NGINX as a business, and at the scale they were operating at. With biweekly check-ins, the transition from self-managed hosting to using Pagely was easy and stayed on track with the NGINX marketing team’s goals.

Immediate responses to monitor alerts means the NGINX site is now constantly prepared, with Pagely ready to fix any issues that arise.

Northwestern University

Northwestern University

At Northwestern, campus organizations need the ability to easily manage and publish WordPress sites. The system the university was formerly using to manage affordable hosting at scale had technical limitations that precluded them from accommodating certain plugins, themes and configuration requirements. Pagely stepped in and enabled Northwestern to run these feature-demanding WordPress sites while maintaining the high degree of security and support a top tier university requires.

The Challenges

Northwestern had a slew of departments and schools independently managing their own WordPress instances, and there was a broad range in how they were  implemented and to what level of efficiency. This eventually  led to a problem of sprawl and security exposure.

Northwestern quickly realized it would be beneficial to institute a more streamlined system that allows and provides online publishing for users that want to use WordPress, while ensuring consistency and security. This was managed by their other hosting company. However, not all websites fell into the same bucket. Some required sophisticated customizations, unique requirements, and configurations not possible under their hosting company.

Northwestern needed the ability to have a different group of sites that could be more freely administered while retaining all the maintenance, security and support benefits they had come to expect from their other hosting platform. That’s when they went to Pagely.


We've had a great experience working with Pagely. Anytime we've had issues or concerns, they've been addressed. We have a very defined and focused mission of how and when our WordPress applications that are being delivered by WordPress. It has been a great vendor-client relationship. We have very specific and defined goals that we're looking to deliver with WordPress on our Pagely platform. Pagely has done an excellent job hitting that sweet spot for us and delivering these products to our end users with the performance, the up-time, and the security goals we seek in an affordable manner.

Harlan Wallach

The Solution

Northwestern now uses Pagely to syndicate content from one networked location to high profile, museum-quality interactive displays across campus, while keeping it cost-effective. They also have other custom applications that high profile researchers have developed in WordPress that require the security and the reliability that the Pagely environment provides, while also offering the freedom to be able to execute outside a narrowly defined, commodified WordPress experience.

Amazon Web Services provides unique tooling and unparalleled performance and scalability that we know our customers deserve. We partner with AWS because we serve only the highest quality products to our customers.



UNICEF works to defend the rights of children in the most vulnerable regions around the world. Their philanthropic work doesn't leave much time to worry about their hosting or deal with legal negotiations about their pre-written terms. When they were deciding which hosting company to work with for their new WordPress site, they went with the flexible, most robust option-- and they've been with Pagely ever since.

The Challenges

Once UNICEF switched their  CMS over to WordPress, they wanted to make sure their eco-system was fast, secure and flexible.  After some heavy research into the WordPress hosting market, they were left with a handful of reputable vendors, all of whom specialized in WordPress hosting and provided the security they needed.

At first, they thought they had found the solution: the vendor their sister site had been running on. Since they were familiar with their system and wanted to move quickly, using this system seemed like a no-brainer.

However, after some deeper research, it became clear that the vendor was not built to fit UNICEF’s standard set of terms and conditions. UNICEF found that using their service would mean going through a lengthy negotiation process and the nonprofit thought having their legal team focus on freeing aid workers in Syria was a much higher priority than negotiating web hosting terms and conditions.


Everything was right about Pagely. We knew the team would do a good job, and the service fulfilled all the right criteria. All in all, we've been incredibly happy with our decision. The Pagely team has exceeded our expectations and we're looking forward to continuing our relationship with their team.

Karoline Hassfurter

The Solution

UNICEF ultimately chose to partner with Pagely because of their willingness to be flexible. The switch went smoothly, with Pagely representatives listening carefully to their needs and fulfilling their services with all the right criteria. After making the switch to Pagely, the UNICEF site became much faster and could handle more traffic- which increased by about 10-20% when they made the move. As far as security is concerned, they’ve never had an issue since moving to Pagely. There was a WordPress breach or two, but Pagely got in contact right away letting UNICEF know that patches were in place and they were not affected.

We leverage AWS to provide our customers with only the highest quality service. Unique tooling and unparalleled performance and scalability ensure that quality through the expansive AWS feature set.

Ready to Run

Starting at $ 499/mo

  • c5d.large » c5d.8xlarge
  • Single Node or Load Balanced Pair
  • Single Multi-AZ RDS: MySQL or Aurora
  • 2TB+ CDN included
  • Deployed in any of 13 data centers

Custom Deployments

Starting at $ 3000/mo

  • ElasticSearch / ElasticCache / Docker via ECS
  • Prod/QA/Staging Multi-Region Failover Recovery
  • Up to 5 Database Readers
  • Geo Caching
  • Custom Legal/SLA

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We're all very happy with Pagely's amazing customer support. They've been a perfect fit for our tech needs, and we'd happily recommend them to other large content sites looking for fully-managed WordPress hosting.