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Pagely is the de facto leader in Managed WordPress. First-to-market in 2009 and continually innovating our enterprise platform, our core mission is delivering performance driven hosting with skilled high-touch support.

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Managed WordPress Hosting Solutions

We leverage the power of AWS and a decade of Managed WordPress expertise with robust ready-to-run, and flexible customized hosting solutions for WordPress workloads.

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Technical expertise

Leveraging the scale and feature set of Amazon Web Services, we bring our decade of experience to assist your organization in deployment, scaling, and ongoing management of your WordPress applications. Our expertise reduces your CapEx, OpEx, and time to launch.

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Skilled Support and Managed DevOps


Knowing that the Pagely team is there for us 24/7 has been invaluable, not to mention the reliability and visibility they provide. These have been extremely important factors in helping us meet our marketing needs for NGINX.com.

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We've had a great experience working with Pagely. Anytime we've had issues or concerns, they've been addressed. We have a very defined and focused mission of how and when our WordPress applications that are being delivered by WordPress. It has been a great vendor-client relationship. We have very specific and defined goals that we're looking to deliver with WordPress on our Pagely platform. Pagely has done an excellent job hitting that sweet spot for us and delivering these products to our end users with the performance, the up-time, and the security goals we seek in an affordable manner.

Harlan Wallach

A True Enterprise Solution for WordPress

Operational Excellence

Best practice is our practice. We look forward to working through the budgetary, legal, and information security considerations of your organization’s procurement process to earn our place as an accountable and trusted vendor.

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Flexible, Global Scale

Our AWS-backed platform is flexible to your specific workloads, featuring painless scaling and global availability. We work with your existing deployment workflows, providing guidance as needed for repeatable and trouble-free application deployments.

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Definitive Results

Ask yourself if an independent and revenue-funded company like Pagely would have the client roster of major brands that we do if we neglected to keep the promises we make? Quite simply, we are passionate about our employees and our customers, which yields consistently positive outcomes.

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We're all very happy with Pagely's amazing customer support. They've been a perfect fit for our tech needs, and we'd happily recommend them to other large content sites looking for fully-managed WordPress hosting.