Pagely vs Pressable

Pagely is a much better host than Pressable from my experience. I personally found Pressable’s support to be lackluster and their constant price changes and rebranding to be confusing. In addition, they didn’t fare as well in a recent review. Under load testing their servers buckled which is scary. I ended up switching over my sites to Pagely because they did such a better job.

Pagely also offers VPS units starting at only $399/mo whereas Pressable’s entry level plan above their shared hosting is $750/mo. In terms of data centers, again, Pagely wins. They utilize Amazon which is world renowned and arguably the most scalable on the planet. Pressable is based on top of Softlayer who has had problems with uptime and support since being acquired by IBM.

In the end, Pagely wins again. Choose them as your host like i did and you’ll be happy too!




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