Why Choose Pagely?

Most Scalable Infrastructure

We’ve all heard how most venture funded startups and Fortune 500s turn to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for their hosting needs. Pagely is layered on top of AWS, and 64-bit to boot. Think of them as WordPress for Amazon Web Services. Their clients regularly hit the front page of serious press outlets resulting in millions of pageviews per hour and they tweet about it.

Fastest WordPress Host

WPMU.org called Pagely “Blazingly Fast” and the reviewer mentioned they “blew other hosts I tested out of the water”, and if you clock their homepage against their competitors you will see for yourself. And for those of you who think “first byte time” is important, it’s not.

Great 24-Hour Support

I’ve submitted tickets at 3am and gotten responses from their staff in the UK which is nice. During normal hours the responses come from US-based staff it seems. Pagely also offers 24×7 phone support for enterprise clients which is nice. Everyone i’ve interacted with has been a WordPress guru all the way. No standard hosting technicians giving BS responses.

The Best Security, Period

They have a full suite of security practices and software called PressArmor™. Want details? Too much to type here but you can download Pagely’s whitepaper like I did and real all about it. And yes, they’ll unhack your site for free if it ever does happen by chance.

Robust Backups

Get this, Pagely offers nightly backup to Amazon S3 with 14 day retention. That’s right, you have 14 different snapshots of your site at any time being stored away safely for you. And you can also download them with one-click from their control panel which is awesome.

Free Migration and Setup

This is the key for me. Having someone setup the site for me is really nice. Pagely offers this on their business plans, professional, and enterprise plans!